We offer painting and decorating services ranging from small touch-ups to complete internal and external paint jobs. Our painters are available to bring freshness and life back to your property with their painting and decorating expertise. By using excellent quality paints and professional workmanship we can turn your property into a bright, fresh, and beautiful place to live in.

Many homes in Dubai are purchased by investors who then rent them out to a tenant. Our painting and decorating services fit in perfectly with this business model. For landlords and tenants, either at the start or end of the tenancy period property will often require a fresh coat of paint to ensure the home is in excellent condition for the new residents. Sellers can make their property more attractive to buyers by adding a new coat of paint to increase the visual attractiveness of the home.

The exterior painting of villas and buildings is another in-demand service in Dubai. The extreme summer heat causes paint to flake away and crack which affects the external appearance. Our experienced painters provide full external painting service to help your property return to its best condition.

Our full range of painting and decorating services include the following:

Ceiling Painting
Exterior Painting
Façade Painting
Filling Holes in Walls
Home Decoration
Internal Painting
Painting & Decorating
Sanding & Scraping
Touch Up Painting
Wall Painting
Wood Varnishing


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